Bringing a Brand to Market: How a Messaging Framework + Strategic PR/Digital Footprint Can Drive Brand & Media Awareness

Our highly targeted and aligned efforts resulted in a successful go-to-market launch for Vibronyx and its ever-important public and digital footprint. Based on the trusted partnership that was nurtured and developed during the launch phase, Vibronyx extended its relationship with fuoco to include ongoing content development and positioning in the market.


Design & development of new website & social media channels
High-profile media placements in Venture Nashville & Nashville Post
Measurable brand interest via website traffic and sessions

The Challenge

Vibronyx, a supply chain technology and analytics services company with expertise in strategic consulting, data management, data integration, advanced analytics and cybersecurity, needed to officially debut the company and brand. With an upcoming contract announcement with the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), Vibronyx asked fuoco to help introduce the business to the world.


A strategic go-to-market launch and PR plan started with competitor messaging / positioning research, a media White Space Analysis and a review of existing client research. We then developed a messaging matrix including a positioning statement + key and supporting messages. We also identified optimal media outlets for introducing Vibronyx to stakeholders and announcing its new contract with the DLA.

The overall goal of the launch:

  • Introduce Vibronyx with clear, compelling, aligned messaging and visuals
  • Leverage digital (website + social media) to establish credibility and brand
  • Leverage PR to build awareness of the company and drive business leads


We worked with Vibronyx to develop a positioning statement, value proposition, and key and supporting messages were brought to life via assets the fuoco team created: company website built on WordPress that was aesthetically pleasing, functional and easy to edit; social media channels; a go-to-market press release; and media pitches announcing the DLA contract.

Our go-to-market PR plan included a press release announcing Vibronyx’s follow-on contract with the DLA, developing a targeted media list, pitching the announcement to our media targets, facilitating media interviews and developing social media content about the announcement to further drive engagement to Vibronyx’s channels.


We helped bring the Vibronyx brand to market with the following results:

  • New website and social media channels that were aligned in look and message
  • Media placements in the following target publications:
    • Venture Nashville (6,800 unique visitors per month)
    • Nashville Post online (340,500 unique visitors per month)
    • Nashville Post magazine (quarterly print magazine with annual circulation of 41,000+ and a Summer edition focus on technology)
  • Measurable brand interest (website traffic and sessions). The largest spike in website traffic coincided with the press release announcing the Phase III follow-on contract with the DLA (202 sessions and 164 viewers)
    • Those who viewed the press release on the website arrived directly (57 users), organically (21 users), via social (70) and by referral (22)
    • Average time spent on the Vibronyx website was 4:29 minutes and the average pages per session were 3.55 pages (according to research, a reasonable benchmark for average website session duration is between 2-3 minutes)
    • The Venture Nashville feature story brought Vibronyx four new website users and 25 website sessions with an average website session of 10:52 minutes and 6.6 page views per session, well above the average
“Once we decided to make the 2020 Promise Gala a virtual event, I really felt that raising $800,000 would be a great feat. I was absolutely blown away when we calculated the numbers and realized we raised over $1 million.
Mary Lyn Schuh
Executive Director, JDRF Middle Tennessee + JDRF East Tennessee at JDRF International
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