Season 4, Episode 7

Swag, Socks, and Sweet Success: Colin Hung's Conference Formula

Colin Hung, Chief Editor at Swaay.Health and an Editor of Healthcare IT Today, dives into the intricacies of healthcare conference season from how to grab the media’s attention to maximizing brand exposure at trade shows. Explore strategies, trends, and personal experiences, offering valuable insights for marketers navigating the conference circuit.

Episode Description

Recognized as a Top 50 Healthcare IT Influencer, Colin knows a thing or two about healthcare conferences. He’s a seasoned expert who has witnessed their evolution over the course of his career, including as a key organizer of the very popular annual Swaay.Health Live event (formerly HITMC) dedicated to healthcare marketers.

Drawing from his own experiences putting on events and attending dozens more healthcare conferences each year, Colin offers practical advice for PR and marketing professionals looking to break through the noise and get the attention of customers, potential customers, and the media.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The return of conferences and notable post-pandemic trends observed in the Exhibit Hall 
  • How to maximize your conference presence
  • Tips for companies with smaller budgets & booth sizes
  • How PR and marketing professionals should pitch and connect with the media at conferences
  • How to break through the noise and earn media attention at conferences
  • Trends in swag at conferences
  • What makes a conference successful
  • Our predictions on the hot topics at this year’s events
“Anybody who thought that HIMSS was just going to fade away is mistaken. It is the conference that has been going on for decades now. People still go there to find solutions. Vive is great, and HIMSS is great. I think there's room for both… .Maybe not a week apart, but there's room for both.”
Colin Hung
Chief Editor, Swaay.Health

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