Season 4, Episode 6

Empowering Her Health: Unveiling the Secrets of the FemTech Movement

Four powerful and accomplished women in the healthcare industry discuss the recent surge of FemTech and its impact on the healthcare sector. They delve into topics such as the importance of AI in FemTech, successful marketing strategies for startups, and the societal implications of destigmatizing conversations around women’s health. Tune in to gain insights from industry experts and learn about the innovative trends shaping the future of healthcare.

Episode Description

Host Kriste Goad is joined by a panel of accomplished women in the FemTech industry: Visana Co-Founder and President Shelly Lanning, Flare Capital Principal Margaret Malone, and Healthcare Executive Leigh Ann Ruggles. Together, they dive into the recent surge of FemTech, exploring its impact on the healthcare industry, the use of AI in FemTech, and the power of branding and marketing in the sector. With insights on negotiation, talent, and toddlerhood survival, this episode offers a unique blend of expertise and personal experiences that will leave listeners informed and inspired.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • FemTech’s rise in the healthcare industry
  • AI’s impact on healthcare and FemTech
  • How much should you spend on marketing, PR, and branding
  • The destigmatizing of women’s health
  • The FemTech funding challenges
  • Importance of honesty, data, and knowing the pipeline in successful funding negotiations
  • The role of storytelling and working with great marketers in building and selling companies
  • Thoughtful event choices and leveraging relationships over extravagant sponsorships
  • The importance of being intentional about budget allocation and creating a strategic plan
  • Building good relationships with CFOs to gain trust and facilitate marketing budget discussions
"My other advice to marketers would be, stay very close to your CFO. I know sometimes it can be intimidating as a marketer, but I've always had great relationships with my CFOs, and as a result, they have had trust in me that I'm not going to spend those dollars, unwisely."
Leigh Ann Ruggles
Healthcare Executive

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