Episode 3, Season 4

What Makes for Good Media

The “Headline Hunter” Kathryn Rickmeyer joins our host Kriste Goad to discuss pitching stories, how to make content valuable, and the importance of media in marketing.

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Episode Description

Kathryn Rickmeyer got her start in the news industry as a television news producer for an NBC affiliate in Huntsville, Alabama. Her articles for the Nashville Post and Nashville Scene quickly gained traction and international attention after moving to Nashville, and she’s been cited by The Guardian, NBC, CoinDesk and other national and international news outlets.

Tune in as the Headline Hunter, Kathryn Rickmeyer and host Kriste Goad get the fire started on this episode of How It’s Done. Up next:

  • How to make media work for you
  • Quality vs. Quantity
  • Crafting the perfect pitch
“ …the headline is what's new? What's exciting? How can I catch your attention? It needs to be clear, clever, and concise. If there's no sense of urgency, there's no reason to read it.“
Kathryn Rickmeyer
Founder, Tennbeat

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