Episode 5, Season 3

Part 1: How B2B Buying Behavior has Changed (and What It Means for Healthcare Marketers)

fuoco’s Senior Digital Marketing Manager Erica Freckelton joins our host, Kriste Goad, in a three-part demand generation special. Tune in as they discuss changes in B2B buying behavior, how to evolve your marketing strategy, and the advantages of first-party data in part one.

Episode Description

Erica Freckelton has worked with top-tier tech companies and healthcare organizations building marketing pipeline and driving growth. She started her career in the agency world and spent time in-house building digital marketing teams at tech companies before joining fuoco as senior digital marketing manager. 

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The evolution of the B2B buyer
  • Updating your demand generation strategy to match today’s buyer and how to successfully employ it in your company
  • Better marketing powered by first-party data
“The thing that enables organizations to be successful, in my experience, has been psychological safety. It's a willingness to fail openly on a team and try new things and be like, 'you know what, we tested something, we've learned from it, and this is what we're doing differently next time.' “
Erica Freckelton
Sr. Digital Mktg. Manager

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