Episode 6, Season 3

Part 2: Demand Creation vs. Demand Capture

Erica Freckelton is the Senior Digital Marketing Manager at fuoco and she is back to talk about demand creation vs. demand capture, damming demand, and the importance of knowing your target audience before launching campaigns in part two of the three part demand generation series for healthcare marketers.

Episode Description

Erica Freckelton has spent over 8 years uncovering new opportunities to improve the digital experience. An expert in marketing pipelines, she has worked with top tier tech companies and healthcare organizations at agencies, in house, and freelancing. 

In this episode of How It’s Done:

  • How understanding your ideal target audience improves demand creation
  • Is demand capture better than lead generation
  • Where demand creation and demand capture happen
“If we think about where marketers are spending time, they're spending most of it on this lead capture piece of the puzzle. If we shift to awareness and education, we start thinking about how we're creating informed buyers who are primed to have productive conversations with our [sales] teams. Increase that deal velocity."
Erica Freckelton
Sr. Digital Mktg. Manager, fuoco

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