Episode 7, Season 3

Building a Healthcare Brand from the Ground Up

Healthcare veteran Karey Witty, managing director of healthcare venture capital firm Valtruis and an operating partner at WCAS, talks about why he’s having the unexpected time of his life building the Valtruis brand, the meaning behind the brand, and why three of Valtruis’ seven value-based care investments so far have been ground-up builds.

Episode Description

Throughout his career in healthcare, Karey Witty has served in just about every C-suite role there is, but it’s his latest role as managing partner of value-based-care-focused investment firm Valtruis that has Karey more excited than ever, not just about his job, but about the promise of healthcare. 

In this episode of How It’s Done Karey talks with us about the meaning behind the Valtruis name, the things that make up a brand that go far beyond a name or a logo, and about finding meaning in his work and in life, including his quest to “figure out what these next chapters are going to look like.”

Listen in for more, including:

  • The ironic superlative Karey was lauded with in high school
  • Karey’s career path to WCAS/Valtruis
  • What makes Valtruis different from other healthcare investment funds
  • Valtruis’ chosen Greek goddess and why what you wear, even, is an expression of your brand
  • The drivers behind Valtruis’ ground-up brand builds
  • Valtruis’ new Nashville office
  • Karey’s current Spotify playlist and the surprising song he has on repeat
"I feel like I'm at least on my fifth, if not sixth career, so I've been very blessed to pick some fun horses to ride. And now, for the first time in my career, I wake up and find myself as a venture investor, which is not anything that I ever dreamed of."
Karey Witty
Managing Director, Valtruis and Operating Partner, WCAS
Valtruis a WCAS company

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