Episode 8, Season 3

Part 3: Dark Social, What the Heck is It?

Jump back in with fuoco’s Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Erica Freckelton, for Part 3 of our three-part series: content strategies for healthcare B2B. 


Episode Description

Erica Freckelton not only has the coolest glasses at fuoco but she also has experience optimizing websites and social accounts for various tech and healthcare companies. With those glasses she can see what a lot of people can’t.

In this episode of How It’s Done:

  • Shining a light on Dark Social
  • Why Dark Social is ruining your online attribution
  • Expert tips on how to make Dark Social work for you
  • How traditional attribution is losing you money
  • Erica Freckelton’s superpower
“As marketers, myself included, I oftentimes want to fall into the trap of thinking, I've made something that's really high quality and that should be good enough. And it's not.”
Erica Freckelton
Senior Digital Marketing Manager, fuoco

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