Episode 9, Season 3

Why AI is Not Coming for Your Job, the Control Freak Buyer Persona, and a Bias for Specialist Agencies

Every marketer has been asked (potentially even haunted by) the question, “Is it measurable?” Our guest Joe Zappa and host Kriste Goad dive into the measurability of  content marketing, AI for marketers, when to choose a specialist agency over a generalist one, winning the “War of Ideas,” and much more on this episode of How It’s Done.   

Episode Description

Content is king, but what does it take to stand out online, and how can you measure the impact of your content? Joe Zappa, Founder and CEO of tech B2B marketing agency Sharp Pen Media, shares insights from his transition as journalist to freelance content marketer to strategist leading  marketing, content and PR programs for Ad Tech, Martech, and B2B Tech companies. 

In this episode we discuss:

  • The importance of an agile and industry-specific marketing agency
  • When you should hire an agency vs. freelancer
  • Why ChatGPT is not going to take your job, if you’re good at it
  • The leading indicators of content success
  • Why agencies are truly more flexible than freelancers
  • The true value in content marketing and content strategy
  • How to measure the quality and impact of your content
  • The beauty of balancing creativity and strategy in content creation
  • Why a holistic marketing strategy is needed before quality content can be created
  • Generative AI tools can be useful, but they are not a replacement for strategic thinking 
  • The value of repurposing and maximizing the lifespan of content
"I think that the obsession with Chat GPT and with Generative AI is reflective of a broader problem in marketing, which is that we tend to be obsessed with tactics and efficiency, and we lose sight of what has the biggest impact on our business… which is strategy."
Joe Zappa
Founder & CEO, Sharp Pen Media

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