Season 4, Episode 1

The Quantum Health Effect: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Brand Storytelling

John Hallock, Chief Communications Officer at Quantum Health, discusses the role CEOs play in PR, what a strategic marketing communications plan should include, and leading communications in an ever- changing media landscape.

Episode Description

What are the essentials of a strategic marketing communications plan, and how can marketing, communications, sales and the executive suite keep it simple, remain flexible, cross-pollinate, and work in sync to effectively execute against such a plan?

Quantum Health CCO, John Hallock shares takeaways from his deep well of experience at some of healthcare’s biggest brands, from athenahealth, to his time at Livongo during one of the health tech’s biggest mergers, to his time at well-funded startup Transcarent, and now, leading the small-and-agile team at Quantum Health.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Key PR and marketing differentiators that companies can focus on in 2024 to set themselves apart 
  • How an invested and integrated internal PR and marketing team can shape an industry
  • How Quantum Health’s focus on content creation and messaging differentiates the company (and the key role Quantum’s CEO plays)
  • John’s winning PR playbook
  • The importance of brand storytelling, brand journalism, and leveraging different forms of media to claim (or reclaim) your internal and external narrative
“Everything we do is aligned with driving the growth of the company. We know that if we do something in the market, it's going to add to share of voice, to power of voice, to social implication. … and all that content is also designed to fuel sales, marketing, and the different growth drivers in the company.”
John Hallock
Chief Communications Officer, Quantum Health

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