Season 4, Episode 2

A Diamond in the Rough: How Digging Deep Uncovered a Wall-Street-Journal-Worthy Story about Lab-Grown Diamonds

Why is your PR effort not paying off and what’s the importance of having characters in your marketing efforts? Tune in to learn the disconnect between brands and journalists, the power of an authentic story, and why (and how) a successful PR campaign is measurable.

Episode Description

In this episode, we talk with Mark Macias, founder and CEO of Macias PR, about  the drivers of successful PR campaigns, including insights into the power of characters in media pitches, the intersection of brand journalism and content marketing, and the measurement of ROI in PR. Offering valuable lessons for both PR professionals and business owners.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Mark’s contributions to Forbes, Entrepreneur, and CNBC. (And what stories these outlets want to see)

  • The importance of characters in media campaigns and storytelling

  • Why media relationships will only get you so far

  • The value of curiosity and the power of asking “why” to uncover compelling stories

  • What is brand journalism and why is it important in shaping a brand’s narrative

  • The disconnect between brands and journalist (And how to bridge the gap)

  • Why good data points are only half of the story

“Having relationships in the media is not a strategy. One of the questions that is misdirected that potential clients ask me is, "Who do you know in the media? Who do you know at CNBC? Who do you know at NBC?" And trust me, I know a lot of people. I spent a long time [building relationships], and many of those people are still there. But that's not a strategy.”
Mark Macias
Founder & CEO, Macias PR

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