May 3, 2022

C-Suite Social:
Why it Matters

The healthcare industry and its leaders have taken big hits over the last three years, working in increasingly competitive, complex and compliance-driven environments. There are tons of mergers and acquisitions, lots of new players with big price tags, and talented folks leaving the industry in droves. 

C-Suite Social: Why it mattes

A Voice of Influence: The Healthcare C-Suite

The numbers tell the story:

As compelling as those numbers are, there’s a bigger dialogue happening. Social media is now the largest healthcare marketing channel for B2B and B2C. And the C-Suite is the least engaged. 

Why? Too much dialogue. Too many conversations. Too much leadership content. So much content, according to Edelman, that 4 in 10 final decision-makers say there’s more than they can manage. What was once a meaningful dialogue is now diluted. 

Enter analysis paralysis.

Healthcare marketers face the same struggles. Doing more with less, determining what channels to invest in, spread thin across multiple disciplines. Spending time and valuable resources on thought leadership content will compete to be seen. And the fight to demonstrate the ROI of the content spend (more on that later).

Break Through the Noise


A disciplined social thought leadership program is the most cost-effective and measurable way to break through the noise and get your company’s message in front of the people who matter. One that starts where the dialogue should start: at the top of the organization, the C-Suite. Consider the following:

  • When prospective partners or prospects search for your company, what do they find?
  • If a potential new hire toggled between your company profile and the C-Suite, would they find a cohesive connection?
  • Are your C-Suite leaders an extension of your brand?
  • Does the tone of your C-Suite content match the brand’s voice?
  • How engaged are your C-Suite leaders on social media?
A disciplined social thought leadership program is the most cost-effective and measurable way to break through the noise and get your company's message in front of the people who matter.

Establishing Executive Voices That Inspire


Trust, authenticity, and inclusion are highly valued in today’s healthcare business world. Establishing executive voices that convey those sentiments is critical. It’s the very definition of leading by example.

Why C-Suite Thought Leadership Matters

To lead by example. To be visible and vulnerable in a human way. People do business with people. When the C-Suite is visible on social media, your customers, partners, shareholders, staff and future employees see real people with insights leading the company.
Earn trust and credibility.

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