June 29, 2021

What is the Clubhouse App?

How to get an invite, use the app and integrate Clubhouse into your marketing plan

Have you joined the most exclusive social app available? Today we’re answering the question that nearly 50,000 people are asking Google every month: What is Clubhouse? Get the rundown on the social audio app that has everyone talking, learn how to use Clubhouse, how to get an invite and how to market on the platform! We’re even sharing a few secrets to score your own invite.

What Is Clubhouse?

Just a few weeks ago even we didn’t know what it was, so don’t feel left behind! Clubhouse is a brand new social audio app. It’s based on live, drop-in audio chat experiences, which allow users to get together to talk about a particular topic without having to worry about their appearance! Pretty cool, right?

Similar to Snapchat, these conversations aren’t saved or posted anywhere, it’s just a one-time thing. This means there is no “posting” as we think of it on other social platforms today. There are no pictures, no videos, no feed posts and no stories. Just live audio.

When we spoke to a Clubhouse Moderator on our podcast, How It’s Done, (keep an eye out for that episode) she likened Clubhouse to an easier version of podcasts. There is less prep work, no editing and posting the podcast and it can be as quick as you want it to be.

All of this begs the question, why is it so popular? With no actual posts (including no likes or comments), why do people like it? People seem to like that it isn’t like other social media apps. It’s about connection and conversation, rather than likes and followers. People also tend to gravitate toward the exclusive. The app was only released around a year ago and has been invite-only since the beginning.

How to Score a Clubhouse Invite

You’re probably thinking, invite-only? How do I even join then? It is actually surprisingly easy! The Clubhouse app is all about connection and conversation and in order to get an invite you have to connect with other people. This can be posting on your own social media to ask if any of your followers have Clubhouse app invites to spare or joining Clubhouse invite groups on Facebook. Likely the easiest workaround is to go to ClubHouseGuide.com to get an invite. All you have to do is click an invite link, enter your phone number and download the app. Easy as that! During our next episode of How It’s Done we’ll also be offering Clubhouse invites from a Clubhouse moderator, so keep an eye out for that.

People seem to like that it isn’t like other social media apps. It’s about connection and conversation, rather than likes and followers.

How Do You Use the Clubhouse App?

Now, let’s get into the nitty gritty. Once you have an invite, how do you use Clubhouse? Here is a step-by-step guide, but if you’re more of a visual learner, we’ve created a step-by-step video in our latest Spark Session so you can follow along!

  • Step 1 – Log in
    • Once you get an invite you download the app, select “have an invite” and enter your phone number. The app will send you a text with a code and once you enter the code, you’re in!
  • Step 2 – Find people or topics to follow
    • When you initially go through your setup process on the app it will walk you through a few topics and people you can follow. If you later realize you need more people to follow you can click the search icon in the top left corner. This will allow you to search for people and topics (or clubs) to follow.
  • Step 3 – Seeing upcoming rooms
    • Rooms are often scheduled so people have a chance to plan to join the room at a certain time. The calendar icon at the top of the screen will take you to a list of upcoming rooms. Once you find a room you’re interested in, you can click the bell icon next to the room title so you will get a notification when it is about to open.
  • Step 4 – Joining a room
    • Once you get a notification about a room opening or if you see a room that is open in the moment, you can click on the room name and “Join the Room in Progress” by clicking the large green button at the bottom of the screen
  • Step 5 – Starting your own room
    • This one’s pretty easy! Just click the green “Start a room” button at the bottom of the screen on the home page. You’ll be asked whether your room is open to everyone, only open to people you follow, or closed (meaning invite-only). You can then add a topic in the top right corner and click “Let’s Go!” or, if you choose a closed room, click “Choose People.”
    • If you’d like to schedule a room (or event) you can navigate back to the upcoming rooms section and click the calendar icon in the top right corner. This will walk you through adding an event name, co-host or guest, date, time and description.

Clubhouse Marketing Tips

Now that we’ve gotten through the very basics of Clubhouse, let’s dive into a few Clubhouse marketing tips to get you started.

  1. Optimize your bio, titles and descriptions
    1. We can’t stress this enough – EVERYTHING is a search engine (especially social media platforms). Make sure your bio, room names, event titles and descriptions are optimized with the search terms your audience is using. (If you’re unsure about how to do this, check out our very first spark session)
  2. Join clubs that relate to your industry or potential clients
    1. Being active in these clubs will help increase your follower count and visibility to that audience. For example, if you are in the healthcare industry you could join “The Future of Healthcare” club.
  3. Create rooms based on topics that are important to your potential clients
    1. Again, it’s all about getting in front of the right audience and using terms or topics they are looking for. For example, if you are in the mental health space, you could start a room titled “Healing from Depression After the Pandemic”.
  4. Treat rooms like live podcasts or networking sessions
    1. If you don’t get “on stage” and talk, your follower count will not grow. So come to each room with something to talk about!
  5. Collaborate with others in your industry
    1. Collaborating on a room with prominent members of your industry will help you both reach new audiences and grow your following.
  6. Cross-promote your Clubhouse rooms
    1. Although you can’t share content from Clubhouse, you can post about your upcoming Clubhouse events or rooms on your other social media accounts. This will encourage your audience to join you on Cubhouse or ask you how they can join!

Now that we’ve covered what Clubhouse is and how to use it, keep an eye out for our next episode with Clubhouse Moderator Amy Mirlisena, who will help us dive much deeper into all things Clubhouse!

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