We were curious about what it takes to concept, create, record, produce, publish and promote a podcast, so we created How It’s Done, a podcast for curious marketers.

We’ve learned a LOT along the way, mostly that it’s as much fun to do podcasts as it is to work. As a former journalist, I love to meet new people, interview them, learn new things, and share what I learn with others. How It’s Done is meant to go beyond the buzzwords to understand the how… how do real people do actual things to move their brands and their businesses forward.

In our conversations, we go deep and wide into how top-notch marketers achieve the things that keep us all up at night. We get background, anecdotes and insights galore, some of which we’ll share here. The rest can be found by listening in. I invite you to follow along on our journey by subscribing to How It’s Done here.

In our first episode, Compuware’s very generous Mitzi Hunter (Chief Marketing Officer) and Carlen Self (Director, Enterprise Accounts) humored me as I learned on the job. We covered a lot of ground, but our main focus was on The Art of Marketing and Sales Alignment and their careers at Compuware: the world’s leading mainframe-dedicated software company, which started in 1973, and continues to innovate IT solutions for companies across the globe.

I learned so much from Mitzi, but one of my favorite tidbits was how she got her job with Compuware in the first place. She was babysitting for the head of sales while studying computer science in college, and he helped her get a summer internship. That internship turned into a full-time job when she graduated (she got the job on her own merit by doing a good job as an intern), and she’s risen through the ranks ever since, doing what few do today, which is stay with one company for their entire career. It’s paid off for her, and as a result, she’s doing amazing work as the company’s CMO.

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