October 16, 2019

How emids Creatively Combines the Best of Nashville's Music & Healthcare Industries

Nashville is a music and healthcare mecca, and when you bring the two together you get one of the most sought-after invitations in the healthcare industry: the annual emids Healthcare Summit and CMA Celebration.

Our very own Kriste Goad caught up with emids President of Strategic Business Mike Hollis in this episode of How It’s Done, a podcast for curious marketers, to talk business development, thought leadership and how he came up with the idea for the emids’ annual Healthcare Summit in the first place.

Hollis knows how to throw a party, and we wanted to pick his brain about how he manages to do that and provoke meaningful conversations about the forefront of healthcare. We also found out how he stays on top of all the latest news and trends, and where he tends to get his best ideas. He, of course, reads the healthcare technology trades and industry news, but stressed the importance of stepping outside of your niche. In his experience, ideas from other industries can spark some of your best ideas for your own.

Hollis emphasized the value of outside perspectives and non-traditional voices, something he strives to bring to the emids Healthcare Summit each year.

The Healthcare Summit began about six years ago as a small group of colleagues, friends and acquaintances in healthcare coming together around the CMAs with an intent to create meaningful dialogue in an intimate and unique setting… something outside the norm of every other healthcare conference.

That kernel of an idea has since grown into a large-scale, thought leadership platform for emids, healthcare’s preferred partner for digital engineering services and transformation solutions.

Hollis and his team take special care to maintain the Summit’s original intent: to lower the hurdle on meaningful conversations that spark change. emids brings together some of the biggest names in healthcare and retail—from CVS/Aetna to Lyft, fitbit, Lululemon and Under Armour— to dive into consumerism, digital transformation, and healthcare’s latest trends and innovations. Having these external voices allows for buy-in across industries and leads to proven business results and change where it really matters: a healthcare system that looks, operates and cares in very different ways than it does today.

This year’s theme,”Designed to Care,” is all about evolving to meet the demands and expectations of the modern consumer. Be sure to check it out and tune in to our podcast with Mike: Making a Music City HIT for more about how he brings healthcare’s biggest brands to the biggest night of country music and how he ties it all back to proven business results.

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