Episode 8, Season 1

People-Powered Do-Goodery: the Can-do Attitude of Can’d Aid

Hear how two organizations are coupling social distancing with social responsibility to kick Covid-19 in the can.

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Episode Description

Companies and their corporate partners are getting creative in The New (ab)Normal to ensure they can meet the human need for philanthropy, corporate social responsibility and do-goodery. In this episode we are joined by Diana Ralston, executive director of Colorado-based Can’d Aid, and one of Can’d Aid’s biggest fans and corporate partner, Elizabeth Bailey. We’ll hear how the two organizations are coupling social distancing with social responsibility to kick Covid-19 in the can by shifting the gears of a planned skateboard build at one of the world’s largest medical device manufacturers – to their doorstep. Listen to how this duo rallied some people-powered do-goodery to fuel a meaningful way to give back while staying safe.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How Can’d Aid is pivoting (and scaling) its in-person volunteer events to at-home corporate philanthropy programs with equally impactful results
  • The importance of corporate social responsibility in unprecedented times
  • Advice for other corporate organizations looking to give back
  • How personal philosophy empowers philanthropy
  • The challenges of a pandemic pivot, both professionally and personally

More From This Episode

( 2:00 ): Kriste asks Diana, “Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and Can’d Aid?”

( 3:30 ): Diana introduces corporate partner Elizabeth Bailey.

( 5:03 ): Elizabeth shares how she connected with Diana and Can’d Aid and got her company involved.

( 10:07 ): Diana speaks to how Can’d Aid pivoted to create the “Do-Goodery at Your Doorstep” pilot projects. 

( 13:27 ): Kriste asks Diana, “How did you get these ideas moving forward?”

( 14:45 ): Elizabeth discusses her organization’s response to the pandemic pivot of their Can’d Aid project. 

( 19:45 ): Kriste asks Diana, “Is this the kind of corporate support you’re finding across the country for other Can’d Aid projects?” 

( 22:19 ): Kriste asks, “How do you get the bikes and skateboards to kids at home?”

( 23:22 ): Kriste asks, “Will you tell me how you came up with this word ‘do-goodery?’” and Diana shares how many ‘do-gooders’ are a part of Can’d Aid.

( 25:20 ): Elizabeth shares how the Can’d Aid project model compares to other corporate volunteer events.

( 28:15 ): Elizabeth discusses step-by-step the new Can’d Aid project with her company.

( 29:50 ): Kriste asks Diana, “What is your personal philosophy in terms of making everything easy for organizations to do-good and work with Can’d Aid?”

( 32:52 ): Kriste asks Diana and Elizabeth, “What has been the hardest part of this COVID-19 pivot, both professionally and personally?”

( 39:20 ): Diana explains how YOU can get in touch with and partner with Can’d Aid.

( 43:40 ): Kriste asks the burning question, “If you could have dinner with someone whom you most admire, (living or dead, famous or not) who would it be, why, and where would you go to dinner?”

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