S1 / Ep 9 – Maximum Visibility: Taking PR to the Next Level

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Chris Dickey, Founder & CEO of Visably, built his SaaS business after pivoting the PR agency he founded, Purple Orange Brand Communications, to target search results to win brand placement in high-value Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Chris uses a strategy called Search Engine Visibility (SEV) to help increase the likelihood of people finding your brand in search. His value prop? Understanding the ins and outs of PR and marketing, and how the capabilities Visably offers can be used to generate a greater ROI. And let’s be honest, these days traditional PR can use all the help it can get in generating awareness and results for brands.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How do you tell meaningful stories to the right people?
  • The evolving media landscape, role of public relations and the tools we need in practice
  • How to amplify your brand and reach new audiences through Search Engine Visibility (SEV)
  • Finding the right keyword to produce highly-ranked search results
  • The vital connection between the Google search engine algorithm, backlinks and content marketing

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Show Notes

( 1:34 ): Kriste asks Chris, “Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?”

( 2:35 ): Kriste asks, “How did you decide to start your own agency?”

( 6:52 ): Chris poses the question around the media landscape, “How do we facilitate meaningful connection with the right people?”

( 12:25 ): Chris shares how his SaaS tool, Visably, came to be.

( 19:35 ): Kriste asks Chris, “How did you carve out the [SEO] opportunity to build your own company?”

( 20:20 ): Chris discusses the opportunity to attract high-quality customers through PR tactics that produce highly-ranked search results.

( 26:00 ): Kriste asks, “How do you settle on the right keyword?”

( 28:25 ): Chris discusses the development and capabilities of Visably.

( 36:30 ): Kriste asks, “Do you see [Visably] as a disruptor [to the PR landscape]?”

( 39:05 ): Chris explains the vital connection between the Google algorithm, backlinks and content marketing

( 41:00 ): Kriste asks Chris, “Visably could be used as a research and strategy tool for developing your content strategy as well as your PR strategy. Would you say that is true?”

( 43:55 ): Chris shares where he sees the practice of PR going in five years as a result of SEO optimization.

( 51:15 ): Kriste asks, “Was the phrase ‘Search Term Visibility’ a term before or did you come up with that on your own?”

( 54:04 ): Kriste asks the burning question, “You run into Elon Musk and he offers you a seat on his next manned Space-X expedition. First of all, it means you’re two years up in space. So would you go, who would you leave in charge back here on Earth, and what would you name the rocketship?”

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