Episode 5, Season 2

Healthcare M&A Pivots & Predictions

Angela Humphreys, national healthcare practice leader at Bass, Berry & Sims, sits down to talk healthcare M&A predictions and how COVID-19 shifted healthcare and  continues to influence healthcare IPOs, SPACs and private equity investments. 

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Episode Description

In this episode of How It’s Done, we talked healthcare M&A predictions with Nashville’s own Angela Humphreys, national healthcare practice leader at Bass, Berry & Sims, ranked among the nation’s Top 5 healthcare practices by both American Health Law Association (AHLA) and Modern Healthcare.
Angela has counseled national healthcare organizations on hundreds of transactions in the healthcare industry, including hospitals and health systems, health plans, surgery centers, physician practice management companies, laboratories and healthcare information technology companies. She also leads interdisciplinary teams to provide clients with creative solutions to the operational and regulatory issues they face while working within an ever-changing, complex regulatory environment.
Angela shared her journey to the top of her field, how COVID-19 shifted healthcare and how it continues to shape and drive healthcare IPOs, SPACs and private equity investment valued at $1.9 trillion.

In this episode we discuss:

  • What Angela loves most about her job
  • The impact of the pandemic on private equity transactions, including the shift to private equity firms was making large investments in new spaces or sectors
  • Current efforts to move the needle on value-based care policies
  • What to expect post-pandemic in terms of companies going public in the healthcare space
  • The sectors of healthcare predicted to see the highest levels of activity, growth and investment in 2021
'While there's some interest in sectors, (investors) are really interested in the right assets... a well-run company, a well-run physician practice with management teams, processes and systems in place that are poised to weather the storm... those are going to continue to get capital."
Angela Humphreys
Leader of the National Healthcare Practice, Bass, Berry & Sims

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