Episode 6, Season 2

SEO Secrets for Healthcare

In the very first Spark Session of the How It’s Done podcast, host Kriste Goad reveals the top five search engine optimization (SEO) and Keyword myths, along with three easy steps to get started on SEO. In this episode, learn how to utilize these methods to kickstart your healthcare marketing!

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Episode Description

Curious about how to get your company found on Google? It starts with a solid SEO strategy. In the very first Spark Session of the How It’s Done podcast, host and Chief Firestarter, Kriste Goad, reveals the top five SEO and keyword myths along with three easy ways to get started on SEO. Learn how to utilize these methods to kickstart your healthcare marketing and create content that ranks, resonates and drives growth.

In this episode, Kriste discusses:

  • 5 common SEO and keyword myths
  • How to get your company found on search engines, like Google
  • The difference between SEO and keyword research
  • The importance of a solid SEO, keyword and content strategy
  • 3 simple steps to get started on search engine optimization
  • Free tools you can use to get started today
"Fun fact: organic search is the single largest source of website traffic. This is why it is so important to have a solid SEO strategy. And a solid SEO strategy starts with a solid keyword and content strategy."
Kriste Goad
Chief Firestarter, fuoco
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