Episode 3, Season 1

Weapons of Mass Distraction: The Dumbing and Disconnecting Effects of Smartphones

We sat down with Dr. Nidhi Gupta to learn about the emerging epidemic of Wireless Mobile Device (WMD) addiction, its impact on our society and what can be done to break the cycle to achieve  life-technology balance.

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Episode Description

Dr. Nidhi Gupta is a physician, author, and speaker who resigned from her dream job as a pediatric endocrinologist at Vanderbilt earlier this year to start KAP Pediatric Endocrinology, a solo practice focused on unhurried care for children with endocrine disorders. She is also the founder and CEO of Phreedom, an educational initiative focused on helping people achieve life-technology balance. 

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The emerging epidemic of smartphone addiction, in children and adults 
  • How Dr. Gupta first recognized and came to grips with her own mobile device addiction
  • The gravity of the situation – and staggering statistics
  • Steps you can take to achieve life-technology balance
“Technology empowers us, but what we do with that power is what determines how we shape the world around us.”
Dr. Nidhi Gupta
Founder and CEO of Phreedom

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