Episode 12, Season 2

Utilizing Podcasts for Growth

If you’re looking to grow your brand through podcasts, hear from Ryan Estes, co-founder of the podcast booking agency Kitcaster, on getting in front of your ideal audience and utilizing podcasts to spark real, meaningful business growth. 

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Episode Description

Ryan Estes is a vetted podcast host, guest and entrepreneur. He has recorded over 300 interviews with more than a quarter-million downloads, and his podcast, Talklaunch, consistently ranked in the iTunes Top 100 podcasts. On a mission to put the world’s top startup founders on the world’s top podcasts, Ryan co-founded Kitcaster, a podcast booking agency that books you on top podcasts that speak directly to your ideal audience. In this episode of How It’s Done, Ryan shares his expert advice on how to utilize podcasts to grow your brand.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • What Kitcaster is and how it came to be 
  • The role podcasts play in “healing our ailing culture” and fostering connectivity
  • Why Ryan calls himself an “American Buddhist,” and how an interaction with the Dalai Lama in his 20s has shaped his approach to business, leadership and relationships. 
  • The benefits of working with a podcast booking agency to grow your business
“Working with a podcast agency like us, if you're a podcast host, it's totally free for you. Tell us what your podcast is about and let us feed you great guests. It's kind of a no-brainer.”
Ryan Estes
Co-founder, Kitcaster

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