Episode 11, Season 2

Website Best Practices: Messaging, Functionality and Security

Listen in as Heather Locke, Chief Support Officer for Hammersmith Support, shares four website best practices critical to success.

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Episode Description

Heather Locke, Chief Support Officer for Hammersmith Support — a self-described WordPress website development and maintenance shop for small and mid-sized businesses  — has over a decade of experience managing, optimizing and developing websites for clients. In this episode, Heather shares her four WordPress website best practices –  messaging, calls to action, functionality and security.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • What the title “Chief Support Officer” means to Heather and why she chose it
  • The benefit of using WordPress over other platforms for small to mid-sized businesses  
  • Heather’s four website best practices: messaging, calls to action, functionality and security
“Start at the beginning and ask yourself, ‘what is the goal of the site?’ Always keep the end user as your lens and continue to look at the site through that perspective.”
Heather Locke
Chief Support Officer, Hammersmith Support

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