Episode 5, Season 1

Just Get Over Yourself

We get up close and personal with Karey Witty, COO of Envision Healthcare.

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Episode Description

We get up close and personal with Karey Witty, COO of Envision Healthcare, to learn how he so artfully finds the time to give to the causes he believes in without compromising his commitments to his job and his family (Karey serves on the boards of directors for JDRFAmerican Heart Association and Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt). We also learn the name of Karey’s college band and why “Just Get Over Yourself” might be an apt title for his memoir. 

In this episode you’ll also learn:

  • What goes into deciding to serve on a non-profit board, and what does non-profit board service look like?
  • Advice for people who may be trying to decide on Board service for charitable organizations?
  • How is non-profit board service different from for-profit board service?
  • How important is it for corporations to be involved in charitable causes and how do you go about getting buy-in for such support at the corporate level?
  • Once you have that corporate-level buy-in, how do you then go about rallying the troops to a cause?
  • What exactly is JDRF, Type 1 Diabetes, and why should people care?
  • Advice for fundraising
  • Time management tricks for busy executives 

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